Attack Aircraft II


New long-range strategic bomber designs (H-20?) have been studied at 603 Institute/XAC since late 90s. One configuration was a supersonic bomber with a conventional (delta wings with canards?) design, another was a 4-engine subsonic stealth flying wing design similar to American B-2. Scale-down models were built. By 2011 the overall configuration was finalized which appears be the flying wing design. The engine could be the modified WS-10 without A/B. However its prototype might be powered initially by WS-18. The aircraft is expected to carry KD-20 ALCMs internally on a rotary launcher. H-20 is believed to be able to evade modern air defence systems and penetrate deep into the enemy territory. The latest news (March 2013) suggested that the development of H-20 (referred to as the "strategic project") is gaining full speed at 603/XAC after the successful flight of Y-20.
-Last updated 7/15/13